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Stocking Distributor of Lozier® Store Fixtures

Everything has a special place in your grocery store. Keep your goods well organized when you order Lozier® store fixtures from SEE Merchandising in Houston, Texas. We have gondolas, wall runs, parts, and accessories that are sure to suit your needs.

Lozier® Store Fixtures

Don't compromise the most valuable working asset in your retail location. Fixtures are where customers interact with your products, so you don't want to use cheap imitations or poor quality shelving. Lozier provides merchandising flexibility with an adaptable system able to change with your retail needs. Fixtures include:

Section 100
Islands, Walls, Components
Free Stand Displays

Section 200
Shelf Accessories

Section 300
End Caps
Section 400
Merchandising Accessories
Freestanding Wire
Wire Binning

Section 500
End Panels

Section 600
Section 700
Section 800
S Series Storage Shelving
Section 900
Wood Counters
Section 1000
Section 100

Lozier® Island (Gondola) & Wall Style Shelving
We are a stocking distributor of Lozier® Store Fixtures, located in Houston, Texas.
Color: Lozier PLT (standard color) CHR (Black) base fronts and base end trim in stock.
Section Widths: 2 Ft., 3 Ft. and 4 Ft. sections in stock.
Height: 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 78", 84", 90" and 96" uprites in stock.
Base Depth: 13", 16", 19", 22", 25", 28" and 31" base decks.
Back Options: Pegboard and Marteck
Upper Shelves (TL Style): 7", 10", 13", 15", 16", 17", 19", 22", 25", 28" and 31" TL shelves.

Section 200
Lozier® Shelves and Accessories
Upper shelves, base decks, book shelves, specialty shelves, wire baskets, wire fronts and dividers, glass shelves, tag molding, door kits and shelf display accessories.

Section 300
Lozier® Wall End Displays (End Caps)
Free standing end caps, contoured end caps, and end merchandising panels.

Section 400
Lozier® Merchandising Accessories
Merchandising accessories, hangrods, compartment crosstube system, plastic bins & bin bars, roll goods and spool goods displayers, stacking wire baskets and specialty displays.

Section 500
Lozier® Canopies and End Panels
Canopy systems and end panels for basic Lozier® shelving system.

Section 600
Lozier® Multi-Function System
Integrated overracking system for basic Lozier® shelving system.

Section 700
Lozier® Widespan
Bulk storage system, uprites, beams, supports and accessories.

Section 800
Lozier® S Series Storage Shelving
Storage shelving system, uprites, shelves, crossbraces and accessories.

Section 900
Lozier® Wood Counters and Showcases
Wood counters: straight and L-shaped and Lozier® showcases.

Section 1000
Lozier® Pharmacy Systems
Flex Rx® Storage System, Classic Rx® Storage System and undercounter units.




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