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Neon Plexiglas Hi-Lites

Enhance your shelving apperance and your entire store with these neon plexiglas hi-lites.  This product draws ambient light to create the the illusion of a lighted neon strip along the top of your fixtures.  Upgrade your retail sales area quickly and easily.  No electrical needed.  Simply peel off the backing tape and apply to the top of fixtures. 2-1/2" width, available in 36" and 48" lengths.  Available at SEE Merchandising in Houston, Texas. 


2.5" x 36", Neon Hi-Lite, Orange  


2.5" x 36", Neon Hi-Lite, Green  
PLEX-ORANGE-48 2.5" x 48", Neon Hi-Lite, Orange  
PLEX-GREEN-48 2.5" x 48", Neon Hi-Lite, Green  

Efficient Plastic Chips & Tags

Plastic Tag Inserts - Plastic Chips

Protect and organize your products with plastic chips and tags from SEE Merchandising in Houston, Texas. We have a great selection of clear and colorful inserts that are perfect for enhancing store appearance while increasing efficiency.

Clear Plastic Chips

Use these chips to protect individual labels or apply them to adhesive labels to make removal quick and easy. All chips fit standard shelf tag molding. Options include:

• CPC3 Size: 1¼"H x 3" Length.   500/Pack        

• CPC35 Size: 1¼"H x 3½" Length   500/Pack      

Plastic Tag Inserts

Available in packs of 100 strips, these inserts fit standard 1¼" shelf tag molding and they come in a variety of colors, so you can choose a different style for each department.

PTI (Color): 1¼"H x 48" Length.      100/Pack        

•Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Clear

Learn more about our clear plastic chips by contacting us in Houston, Texas.