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Railing / Turnstiles / Crowd Control

Double Rail, Mount to Floor-Chrome Railing
Posts are 35" Height with post outlets mounted at 20" and 34" from floor to accept 1-3/4" chrome rails. 
Posts are mounted to floor through flange at bottom of posts. 
Order posts according to layout: End Posts, Center Posts & Corner Posts.
Order railing (2 per section) by length needed.  VEO posts have no railing outlets and

can be used to protect fixtures or when used with the REOKIT can be removable.


 Plain Post, 35H Chrome (No Railing Outlets)



 Removable Post Anchoring Kit (Post Not Included)



 End Post, 35H Chrome (2 Railing Outlets)



 Center Post, 35H Chrome (4 Railing Outlets-Line Post)



 Corner Post, 35H Chrome (4 Railing Outlets-90 Angle)


 3'-0" Rail-Chrome



 4'-0" Rail-Chrome


 5'-0" Rail-Chrome



 6'-0" Rail-Chrome



 8'-0" Rail-Chrome




Four-Arm Turnstile
MT Straight Arm Turnstile w/Clockwise
Rotation, Turnstile Post, Connecting
Post/Rail & Curved Yoke



 Model MT Turnstile, Full Assembly (Chrome)





 Model LG - Single Direction Latch Gate
 Reversible Latch Gate with Vogue Hinge & Latch Posts
 Available 36" and 48" Opening, Chrome Finish 



 Reversible Latch Gate Assembly - 36" Opening (Chrome)



 Reversible Latch Gate Assembly - 48" Opening (Chrome)





Model CB Spring Action Steel Bumper System-Bright Finish
Ideal for use in cart corrals, protecting areas where shopping carts are in heavy use.
Available in 2',3',4' ,5' & 6' channel lengths which can be connected to construct any desired length. 
Overall height of assembled CB bumper is 7-3/4"H. 
The heavy wall steel channel is 4". 
Anchors permanently to floor with 1" double expansion anchors.
Call for pricing.




Retractable Belt Stanchions
Stanchions have a weighted 14" diameter base and stand 40-1/2" tall.  Retractable belts measure nearly
7 feet, belts are 2" wide and are available in the following combinations:
Sold in Sets of 2

 Black Post, Black Belt, Black Cover

 Mirror Post, Black Belt, Mirror Cover

 Black Post, Red Belt, Black Cover

 Mirror Post, Red Belt, Mirror Cover

 Black Post, Blue Belt, Black Cover

 Mirror Post, Blue Belt, Mirror Cover

 Brass Plated Post, Black Belt, Plated Cover

 Satin Post, Black Belt, Satin Cover

 Set of 2